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Castleford Tigers Heritage Project is a community project that was started, supported and carried out by local people and volunteers. Tigers Trust received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to deliver a project which enables communities to celebrate, look after and learn more about the local heritage of Castleford Tigers Ruby League Club.

Tigers Trust greatly appreciate contributions of material to the Heritage Project to create a comprehensive archive of Castleford Tigers RLFC history into the Public Domain, for research and education purposes. No material from this site must be used for Commercial purposes without full consent of the copyright holder. If an ‘owner’ of copyright is not stated then a written enquiry must be made to Tigers Trust.

This is a non-commercial, non-profit making site and no breach of copyright is intended. Tigers Trust have sought to identify copyright owners on all photographic material included, however there are images included where we have been unable to trace the original photographer or company. Any information about these photographers/companies would be gratefully received. A list of companies about which we are currently seeking information may be found below.

Any amendments or corrections to the factual records of the database will be gratefully received, please see the contact us form for details of how to get in touch.


Tigers Trust would like to thank all the contributors and owners of material included in this project.

Companies and individuals about which information is being actively sought: (alphabetical order)

Andy Howard
Allied Newspapers
Bob Thomas Sports Photography
Castleford Tigers Players Association
Castleford Tigers RLFC
Castleford RLFC history in pics and clips
Castleford Tigers Supporters Club
Doncaster Evening Chronical
Geoff Smith
Halifax Courier Ltd
Hully Daily Mail
Lancashire Publications Ltd
League Express
Malcolm Billingham
Melanie Allatt
One to One Development Trust
Paul Hampton
Pontefract and Castleford Express
Provincial Press Agency
Rugby League Cares
Sig Kasatkin
Stuart Clark
South Lancs Newspapers
The Garbett Family
Telegraph and Argus
Tigers Trust
The Press Association
Twixt, Aire and Calder
Twixt, Aire and Calder website
Yorkshire Film Archive
Yorkshire Post
Yorkshire Evening News
Yorkshire Evening Post


We have sought to ensure that all information contained throughout the Heritage Project is historically accurate and has been retrieved from legitimate sources. However, no guarantee is given that the information provided is always correct, complete, and / or up-to-date. It is advisable that readers/users should verify any information from the Heritage Project before relying on it and take their own steps where necessary to check material/data.

The text/articles have been written and researched by members of the Castleford Heritage Project who have used reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information contained is correct at the time of launch.

The Heritage Project may use external links to aid user/reader research, Tigers Trust do not claim any responsibility for any third-party links.

Tigers Trust cannot be held responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of such material and/or data from the Heritage Project.

Tigers Trust reserves the right to make subsequent changes to the data if required, or to remove any information from The Heritage Project that is the subject of legal objection, or puts Castleford Tigers and Tigers Trust at risk.