The Virtual Museum is a showcase of some of the material from the Memory Box. It is designed as an interactive display for the new Tigers Stadium, for exhibitions and for download to users who have the right specification equipment. It is 'virtual reality' compatible. The Virtual Museum has been designed by One to One Development Trust and curated with the help of volunteers from the Heritage Project.

Please note: If you want to explore the full Castleford Tigers Heritage archive then use the Memory Box

How do I experience the Museum?

Unlike the Memory Box archive which is globally accessible on all devices, the Virtual Museum requires downloading and installing on your computer. At the moment, it only works on Windows-based PCs or laptops with a dedicated graphics card and at least 8GB memory. You will also need a keyboard/mouse and/or gamepad to navigate your way around. Alternatively, you can use a Virtual Reality headset such as the Oculus Rift.

Note: an internet connection is required whilst experiencing the Museum.

Download the Museum (400mb)

Please ensure your computer meets the minimum specification before downloading to avoid disappointment! The application is easy to install and requires around 850mb hard drive space. It comes with full instructions but if you have ever played a video game on a computer or console, you are likely to find it extremely easy and familiar to explore.

Overview Instructions

Navigation Help (simple)

Navigation Help (full)

For help using or installing the Virtual Museum, please contact One to One Development Trust and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please note the minimum computer specification for the Virtual Museum and that it is PC only, not Mac (yet!).