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Resource type: Print or Photograph (1990s)
Contributor: Malcolm Billingham
Last updated: 16/06/2017

Description: This picture always makes me smile.If my memory serves me well it was 14th October 1994 at Tattersfield, Doncaster. This little girl was the mascot for Castleford and had been told that when Castleford went onto the pitch that she should go with them. This she dutifully did. But what the parents hadn't told her was that it only happens at the beginning of the game. As the players entered the field after half time break the little mascot duly trotted onto the pitch again. She was rescued by Dean Sampson who handed her over to Alan Agar who in turn returned her to her parents on the touch line and the second half got underway. Or has old age taken its toll and did I imagine that after all these years? Was she just the child of a Cas fan and did she just wander onto the pitch of her own accord? Well I prefer my story anyway!
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